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#espresso with Daiva Lideikienė: credit business is not about quantity but quality

8 Jun 2020PayRay

“I really care about the people with whom I work,” says Daiva Lideikienė, Chief Risk Officer at PayRay. Naturally, she starts almost every day by talking to her colleagues about both the work that has been completed and the work ahead. Trips help Lideikienė to relax from her fast-paced daily routine – she revealed that she always has tickets booked for at least one trip abroad.You can now get to know the Chief Risk Officer at PayRay over a cup of coffee.

What are your main responsibilities at PayRay?

I am a Chief Risk Officer – I do risk assessments for both individual customers and the entire PayRay portfolio. Properly managing risks essentially ensures the profitability of a financial institution. In other words, we sell money, so we have to get it back. That is exactly what my main job is – making sure the money comes back. I need to assess the customer’s profile, the structure of the transaction and provide a conclusion to my colleagues.

How does your work day start?

I really care about the people I work with and the tasks I have to perform. Therefore, my working day almost always begins with a conversation with my colleagues, where we discuss what has already been done and what we still need to do.

What do you think is the biggest PayRay achievement to date?

We started work with PayRay from zero and successfully created all the needed processes. I think our biggest achievement is a well-developed high quality factoring portfolio. And, of course, our banking license marks a new stage in the company’s operations. With it, more responsibilities and challenges await us all, which will undoubtedly bring more color to our daily work.

How do you spend your free time?

My biggest passion is travelling and organizing trips. I always have tickets booked for at least one or two trips. For example, I will fly to Germany in the near future, where I will visit my sister. And later I will travel with my family to Norway. The most important thing for me is the process of travelling, including the movement, the impressions, the landscape, the food and the other things that allow us to get to know the country in the best possible way. Usually I do not plan our schedule very precisely, because without spontaneous decisions the trip would simply lose its charm.

What tips (as a Risk Manager) would you give for successfully planning a trip?

First of all, I estimate the cost of the flights and the accommodation in the chosen country, as well as other essential aspects. In most cases, this helps to avoid major surprises. Secondly, it is important to know in advance about the country you are travelling to: what you can see and experience there. Thirdly, balancing the interests of all the travelers is important. Since I plan trips for my whole family, I try to choose activities that are of interest not only to the adults but also to the children.

What is an interesting fact about yourself that is still unknown to your colleagues?

In the Philippines, tourists are encouraged not to harm nature with the saying “Take nothing, just memories”. During my travels I try to collect impressions, and I especially like to visit thermal pools. I have had opportunities to visit them in countries such as the Philippines, Costa Rica and Peru. My most memorable spot is a thermal pool I visited in the ancient Tuscan village of Rapolano Terme. 

What book/movie/activity would you recommend?

I recommend trying a guided tour of Vilnius – I recently had my first such experience and I really enjoyed it. Another thing I’d like to mention is that we went on a trip around Lithuania this summer and the “Mars canyons” close to Naujoji Akmenė were particularly memorable. I would urge myself and others to travel around Lithuania, as a lot of interesting places can be found here as well.

What is your motto?

When I was a child, I learned the lyrics of one song very well:

“It’s just about wanting, trying and believing.”

That is the motto that I follow. 

Espresso or cappuccino?

I am particularly picky about coffee – I only drink really good coffee or I do not drink it at all. My habits do not change: I usually enjoy coffee with milk or a cappuccino.

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